Model of a Octagonal  Barn
Project in Progress
This model is an exact replica of  barn located  in Wisconsin
Original Barn Video

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<Jig used to build wall. All joints are Morris and Tendon with tapered pins.
The walls are all Morris and Tendon joints.>
<The walls going up.
The walls with bracing.>
<Floor joints going in. The barn is 24” across.
Adding the floor. Different types of construction, for adding strength to the building.>
<The high structure is to support the weight of the roof and hay mow.
Octagon Barn Model

39 inches tall         24 inches across octogon

Built in winters 2012 through 2015
Over 500 plus hours      Nice winter project


All structural timbers were oak, maple, ash or hickory cut from the woods on the property.

Pine, fir and spruce were used for the siding.

Large timbers tp support the hay mow and roof.

Mortise and tenon jooints with hard wood pins.

1 inch thick roof boards.       2 inch floor boards.

Cedar shingles (then later standing ridge tin after 1925).

Siding put on with batton strips, wide cracks between board for better ventalation.

Large door for silo filler to enter.

Laid up limestone for foundation (quarried locally).

Large hay mow for hay using a round hay carrier.

Extra large Cupola to vent the silo gases.

Windows on east, south and west sides for better lighting